Basix Total Gainer Vanilla +Commandos Creatine Hellfire+Dumbbel shaker + Free Dual cap medal

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Basix Total Gainer Vanilla +Commandos Creatine Hellfire+Dumbbel shaker + Free Dual cap medal

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Unfortunately, weight gainers these days are just cheap protein powders loaded with sugar to up the calorie content.

Basix Mass Gainer: Superfoods, Super Healthy, Super Size
While formulating Basix Weight Gainer, the team of experts has decided to focus on quality, rather than decadent quantities. Let’s take a closer look. Unlike other weight gainers on the market, Basix Weight Gainer does not consist of one cheap protein source but richly contains over 45g of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. These proteins are considered the kings of the protein world with great benefits for muscle development, maintenance and growth. It doesn’t stop here, while everybody knows that carbs are not created equal, Basix Mass Gainer contains carbs only from the best sources in the world. We’re talking about 100% ultra-fine oat powder as a main source of carbs, maltodextrin and dextrose. Sounds complicated! But really all you need to know is that the carbs coming from oats are extra healthy to your muscles and absolutely can’t be compared to sugar when you wish to get more calories. Another bonus for oats: if you consume them as a post-workout meal, the carbs from our oats will really crank up your muscle gains. Finally, as fats are considered one of the main micronutrients in mass gainers, we’ve decided to go with the healthiest source of fats: MCT Oil, What makes MCTs a top source of essential healthy fats? Medium-chain fats are digested easily directly to your liver, where they have ability to positively alter your metabolism. This is one reason why many scientists claim that MCTs, are burned by the body for energy, or “fuel,” instead of being stored as fat. What does that mean? It means that you can ignore everybody saying that a mass gainer will make you gain unwanted body fat and rest assure that Basix Mass Gainer will make you gain extra lean muscle mass.

No Compromises on Taste
Basix Weight Gainer was made especially for people who demand products rich in protein, healthy carbs and fats but will not compromise on taste. The good news is that new formulations and technology used in Basix Weight Gainer have resulted in the development of mass gainers that actually taste really good, from chocolate chunk that tastes exactly like your favorite chocolate cookies to strawberry swirl that tastes like a yummy cheesecake to vanilla whip that is finger-licking good.

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