Mass Peak

Weight Gaining
MASS PEAK™ contains a unique blend of ultra fast absorbing proteins. Research suggests that the ingestion of a fast-acting protein/amino acid supplement boosts anabolic muscle growth by increasing amino acid levels in systemic circulation, supporting increased muscle protein anabolism. MASS PEAK™ contains low DE (Dextrose Equivalent) maltodextrin. Complex yet fast absorbing, DE can be absorbed at the same speed of simple sugars. Nutritional research suggests that increased release rate and magnitude help restore glycogen and amino acids to muscles more rapidly. WHY INNER ARMOUR MASS PEAK™ Stimulates Anabolic Muscle Protein Synthesis Provides the research-based 2:1 ratio of proteins to carbs kickstarting the process of recovery Rapidly Replenishes Glycogen in Muscle Tissue Mass Peak™ delivers low DE or dextrose-equivalent maltodextrin, which absorbs up to 3x better and as rapidly as simple sugars. Drives Transport of Glucose With key ingredients, Cinnulin-PF & Chromium Picolinate, Mass Peak™ ensures the delivery of nutrients, glucose and amino acids directly to muscle tissue cells for rapid glycogen replenishment and quick anabolic stimulation of protein synthesis. Enzymatic Protein Support Complex Combines Amino Peak polypeptide complex and Glucose for enzymatic support and maximum absorption of essential nutrients. MASS PEAK BENEFITS • Rapidly Replenishes Glycogen Loss in Muscle Tissue • Research-based Supplement Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis • Supports Lean Muscle Growth • Assists in Glucose Transport, Provides Lean Tissue Support Complex • Provides the research-based 2:1 ratio of Protein to Carbs • Provides Essential Fats • Sustained Time Release Whey Protein Blend • Helps to Sustain Healthy Blood Glucose Levels • Enzymatic Support Complex • Maximum Absorption of Essential Nutrients • All-in-One Lean Mass Complex with BCAAs and Aminos • No Fillers, Soy or Dyes • Gluten-Free • Formulated Banned Substance Free
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Serving Size 4 Scoops (173 g)
Servings Per Container 23
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