A lot of people when they decide to lose weight focuses on reducing fat or starch only without attention to protein.

This is a mistake of diet , because if you don't care about the protein you’ll lose muscle not fat

During the diet will be in the case that named Hypocaloric means entering the body less calories than the calories burned

If your body burns 1000 calories and you enter it 500 calories

that’s mean your energy minus and your body needs to look for the missing energy from other places such as :

  • Stored fat 
  • Muscle

Unfortunately, if there is not enough protein in the diet

The body goes to the muscle and breaks the amino acids in it and converts it to glucose through the liver, means that you lose your muscles and your body uses them as a source of incomplete energy which is in need.

To avoid this situation you need to enter your body 1.4: 2 Gram protein Per kilo of your weight per day If you are athletic person and practice continuously

If you are a non-athletic person .8 gram per kilo of your weight suitable for you